PJ Education Blog Title(2)

Hello homeschoolers! It’s me, Heather! I feel like I need to reintroduce myself because my poor little blog has fallen by the wayside recently. In June of 2015, I had the funny thought that I had this homeschooling thing figured out and I could work and homeschool. Oh silly me!

I worked as a bus driver for the past year. Went through the training to get my license and had a dedicated run for the school year. While I do love driving and just loved my kiddos on the bus, there is a sad reality in my life.


I don’t think I can say that with too much feeling. I’ve always hated mornings. Ever since I was young, I was constantly missing the bus and being late almost every day in High School. When I graduated I typically would work night shifts and sleep all day. Having children puts a wrench in those plans. I definitely struggled with that when the kids were young. But somehow we have survived.

I love telling people I wish the world didn’t start until noon. It’s sad but true. I live a full life, just after lunchtime! The kids typically love the quiet pace of the morning and we school in the afternoon, it works well for everyone.

I may still work at some point if I can find an evening job that won’t interfere with our already crazy, busy lives. The kids have assured me they don’t prefer me to work and I think my husband feels the same because it means he has to cart the kids around with no relief driver. It’s a hard life with four busy kids folks, let me tell ya! Well I guess I am, that’s why I started this blog initially! Until next time!