So yesterday was a very blustery day so I was debating whether I should surprise the kids with a field trip to London, ON which is an hour away from us. Once a month the museum puts on a 1 1/2 hour long program for homeschoolers. I was excited to try it out, to tell the truth I’ve never really been in an art museum myself.

I had the kids start their schoolwork just in case I decided not to go due to weather. About an hour in to it, I sounded a buzzer (with my mouth) and told them to put down their schoolwork and get dressed for a field trip. They FREAKED out!!

The children learned how to navigate the iPad’s and iMac’s to learn about different pieces and paintings and they made a guitar inspired by Murray Favro. We also toured around after by ourselves and enjoyed viewing artwork from local children from grades K-12. The kids were amazed and inspired to think that people so young could have their work hanging in a gallery. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the pictures in the gallery, even though I did and didn’t realize it was wrong….oops! Delete. I did manage to get some of the kids enjoying themselves. I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture of Andy, he must have been off enjoying his new friend.

It was a dicey drive down and back. We also had A.W.A.N.A  that night so I knew I would be pushing it to get back. (20 minutes to spare and eat dinner!) It was a great afternoon and we even made some new friends that we hope to see again.

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