Our Curriculum

Our Homeschool Curriculum

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I use a huge assortment of curriculum. I spend most of the year, researching and tweaking our curriculum. With four children there are four different learning styles, needs and interests.

I feel a certain level of confidence after 12 years of research that I have come up with a good mix of curriculum. I like using diverse methods, online, book work, lapbooking and  notebook pages. I believe it’s important to have the children capable of learning in all environments.

I feel that the children are learning and excited about the curriculum I have decided on and more than once they have come up to me individually and thanked me for including a certain book or website.

I am normally pretty relaxed when it comes to what I want them to learn. I usually have a good idea of what I want to have accomplished by the end of the year. I focus more on character education and skills versus academic perfection and fact learning. I believe I have the High School years to push academic prowess.

I also believe that extra curricular activities greatly enhance the overall experience for my children and I am very choosy about what I have them participate in.

I’m going to start with my oldest child, Frankie, he’s just turned 13. He is hovering somewhere between 7th and 8th Grade materials, however, he is more than capable of High School at this point. I am debating on when to start with him. I want him to have all the necessary study skills he needs to handle the added workload, so I have decided to push a little harder this year.


7th Grade (officially)

Language Arts

Grammar: Elson Grammar School or Gutenberg Project

Everyday Edits – Education World (8 edits of your choosing each month)

Spelling: Complete 8th Grade Spelling

Vocabulary: VOCAB-u-lous – Education World (All 46 sheets)

Reading: 8 book reports

Author Studies: 4 studies

Literature: All 9 Little House on the Prairie Literature Studies

Writing: 10 Journal Entries every month
Poetry course- Janice Campbell on schoolhouseteachers.com
NaNoWrMo- follow book outline
Cover 14 writing styles produce a piece for each style


Visual Latin – All videos and questions for Lessons 1-20

French – Complete all Level 1 for Petra Lingua

MATH: Complete all of Video Math Tutor to the end of Algebra.

HISTORY: Read All of Volume 1 – Mystery of History
Read and Complete all questions for Honor of Kings Volume 1
GEOGRAPHY: A Child’s Geography – Explore the Holy Land

SCIENCE: Finish All of Grade 7 Lifepac Science

Watch all Answers in Genesis videos for kids

Take part in the County Science Fair

ART: Complete 4 Artist Studies

           Complete Lamb’s Book of Art

Complete Art Techniques – schoolhouseteachers.com

Everday Easels – schoolhouseteachers.com – Dailies

MUSIC: Beethoven Who? – Complete Book
12 Hymn Studies
Learn To Play the Soprano Recorder Book

BIBLE: Bible Road Trip Year 1 – 32 Lessons
Theory of Intelligent Design Lapbook

Computer Science with Chris Yust – schoolhouseteachers.com
Code Academy
Gamestar Mechanic
HOME ECONOMICS: Home Economics Lapbook
Sewing Machine Basics
Cooking Class
DIY – 1 project/week

LOGIC: Logic – schoolhouseteachers.com
Media Socialization – schoolhouseteachers.com

I will continue in another post with the other children.

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