This post is a continuation of yesterday`s post Our Homeschool Curriculum. My youngest three children Casey, 11, Andy, 10 and Jayme, 9, were born within 1 year and 360 days. So alot of what they learn is combined. My oldest daughter is very strong in Language Arts and flourishes with writing Poetry, Creative Writing, Studying Foreign Languages. However, her Math skills are coming along a little slower. I`m totally fine with that, I just keep plugging away. In fact, I have no problem holding her back until she understands the concepts. The youngest two are quick on Math so all of them are around the same level.

I enjoy being able to present the same materials to the children and watching how each of them interact and thrive at different aspects, it`s fun trying to imagine what they will do with their knowledge as they grow. (If the Lord tarries, of course)

Language Arts

Grammar: Everyday Edits – Education World (8 edits of your choosing each month)

Essential Skills Advantage 

Spelling: Grade Spelling: Grades 5,6 and 7

Reading: 8 book reports

Author Studies: 4 studies

Literature: All 9 Little House on the Prairie Literature Studies

Writing: 10 Journal Entries every month
Poetry course- Janice Campbell on
NaNoWrMo- follow book outline (only Casey)
Cover 14 writing styles produce a piece for each style

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Visual Latin – All videos and questions for Lessons 1-20

French – Complete all Level 1 for Language Nut

MATH: Adapted Mind

HISTORY: Read All of Volume 1 – Mystery of History
Read and Complete all questions for Honor of Kings Volume 1
GEOGRAPHY: A Child’s Geography – Explore the Holy Land

SCIENCE: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology

Watch all Answers in Genesis videos for kids

Take part in the County Science Fair

MUSIC: Beethoven Who? – Complete Book
12 Hymn Studies
Learn To Play the Soprano Recorder Book

BIBLE: Bible Road Trip Year 1 – 32 Lessons
Theory of Intelligent Design Lapbook

HOME ECONOMICS: Home Economics Lapbook
Sewing Machine Basics
Cooking Class
DIY – 1 project/week

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING: Code Academy (only Andy)
Gamestar Mechanic

GOVERNMENT: Canadian Government  (only Frankie and Casey)