I can’t say for sure whether the horror of trying to keep a sharpened supply of pencils is relevant for all mothers or specifically rests in the homeschooling mother’s category of “Worst Things About Homeschooling”, but I am definately one of the affected ones.

My sweet husband will go to the dollar store and bring home two boxes of pencils and I will think “Good, because I don’t know where all the pencils have gone”. I end up uttering the same phrase about every two weeks! Where are all the pencils going? They disappear faster than the other pair of the socks we never seem to find.

For Christmas last year my husband fortuitously bought me an electric sharpener. I actually let out a yelp. The only thing harder to find in my house than pencils, is the hand held pencil sharpeners. It was like he had just handed me a $500 gift card. (maybe not exactly, because then I could have bought 25 more of them!)

Sadly our electric sharpener gave up on it’s glorious little life after a much too short71qGbYqEwtL._SL1500_ 13 months of use. I don’t know whether to be happy that it survived my 4 children that long or sad that I didn’t have an immediate replacement.

I ended up going to Amazon.ca and ordered a manual pencil sharpener. You know the kind. We all grew up with them in school. I figure if it’s good enough to endure 100’s of children, it surely can withstand the abuse from my four munkiees. Surely!

I have never used Amazon Prime before, but you can be sure I signed up for the trial just to get my sharpener fast!! It arrived in two days! Go check out my little beauty, such clean, smooth points. Pure bliss!