For years I have been dreaming of  a room that fits the purposes of homeschooling. We were tending to do our homeschooling mostly in the living room and dining room. While that’s not a bad thing (it’s worked for us for 7 years) I was wanting to eliminate the clutter that inevitably comes from homeschooling 4 munkiees!

I finally decided, much to the chagrin of my boys, to put them in a room together and use one of the bedrooms for  a homeschool room. I have to say we are a month in and it is working so well. I am not quite ready to post pics yet, I still need to decorate and organize a little more so I am going to grab some inspiration from Pinterest and colour this place up a bit!

I thought that you may want some inspiration also.

Everything about this makes me happy the tree, the colour on the walls, the large shelf, the table with paper that rolls out from right underneath, the chairs with storage underneath.

This is just beyond beautiful. The organization and the colours…WOW!

I need to corral my supplies.

This would help with “I can’t find my science book!”

I have been dreaming of two of these for years!

Oh, I could spend all day browsing Pinterest, but I think it’s time to get working on beautifying my homeschool room and making it the room of my dreams!